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Bifocal Contact Lenses In Manchester

If you find yourself straining to read the fine print as you reach middle age, there's a good chance that you're beginning to suffer from a common refractive error called presbyopia. For eyeglass wearers, the simplest solution for correcting this problem is to wear bifocals -- but what about contact lens wearers? Actually, these convenient little lenses are available in bifocal form as well -- and your eye doctor can fit you for bifocal contact lenses here at Prudhomme Vision in Manchester CT.

bifocal contacts

Presbyopia and Bifocals

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's the fact that we all get older -- and as we age, so do our eyes. After the age of 35, the intraocular lens of the eye tends to become stiffer, making it harder for the tiny muscles that adjust the lens's focus to do their job. This makes it harder and harder to bring near vision into focus. This problem is called presbyopia. If you had perfect vision before your presbyopia struck, you may need nothing more than reading glasses to help with your near focus. If you already suffered from another refractive error, however, you now need at least two fields of vision correction in your lenses (unless you want to keep switching from one pair of glasses to another).

Bifocal glasses have solved this problem handily for centuries -- and now contact lenses can achieve the same goal. The most obvious analog to bifocal eyeglasses is translating contact lenses. These lenses put the near vision field toward the bottom and the distance vision field on top, just as typical bifocal glasses do, but the bottom edge of these lenses must be flattened so the lens will hold its position. Concentric bifocals place the near and distance fields in alternating concentric rings around the pupil; your brain learns to pick out the field of vision it needs at any given time. There are also aspheric contacts that feature a gradual gradation from one field to another, not unlike progressive eyeglass lenses.

Your Manchester CT Optometrist Can Fit You for Bifocal Contacts

Your Manchester CT, optometrist (Dr. Jeremy Prudhomme, Dr. Regan Marquis Prudhomme or Dr. Devina Patel) can fit you with the right type of bifocal contacts for your needs and preferences. Stronger prescriptions tend to do better with translating lenses, for instance, while your pupil size may dictate whether you can get good results from an aspheric lens. If you can't get accustomed to multiple distance fields in each lens, your eye doctor can even fit you with monovision lenses, placing the near vision prescription in one lens and the distance vision prescription in the other.

Contact Our Optometry Center Today!

The first step in getting bifocal contact lenses is to schedule an eye exam to determine your degree of presbyopia, followed by a separate contact lens exam. Get started by calling our optometry center at 860-644-3364 for an appointment!

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