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  • Choosing the Right Glasses
    Choosing the Right Glasses It is important for everyone to make sure that they are taking proper care of their vision. This means making regular visits to the eye doctor to Read more
  • Sports Eye Safety
    Sports Eye Safety When thinking about eye care, sports eye safety isn't always the first thing to come to mind. And yet, sports-related eye injuries are common reasons for visiting the Read more
  • Signs of Computer Vision
    Signs of Computer Vision People who spend a lot of time working on a computer run the risk of developing digital eye strain or computer vision. Computer vision symptoms range Read more
  • The Importance of Eye Care and Check Ups
    Eye Care and Check Ups Some people schedule an eye exam only if they are having a problem or if they need a new prescription. This is a mistake. There are Read more
  • What To Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting
    What to Expect From a Contact Lens Fitting Contacts lenses provide a means of correcting refractive errors in your vision. Many people prefer contacts to eyeglasses due to the freedom and Read more
  • Hard to Fit Contacts vs Regular Contacts
    Hard to Fit Contacts vs Regular Contacts After wearing eyeglasses for a while, you may decide you want to try contact lenses. If you’ve never worn contacts before, your Manchester optometrist Read more
  • Eye Allergies
    Prudhomme Vision Discusses Eye Allergies Suffering from eye allergies requires intervention to treat symptoms effectively. Contact Prudhomme Vision to meet with our optometrist in Manchester if you are having difficulty with Read more
  • Early Signs of Glaucoma
    Prudhomme Vision Discusses Early Signs of Glaucoma Glaucoma is a very serious disease of the eye. It occurs when there is increased pressure in your eyes. When this happens, the optic Read more
  • When to See an Optometrist
    There are times throughout your life when seeing an optometrist is necessary. Knowing when to pick up the phone to call Prudhomme Vision in Manchester is important so you receive Read more
  • Importance of Sunglasses During Winter
    If you are packing away your sunglasses with your swimming shorts at the end of each summer, it is time to rethink this practice. The winter season may have shorter Read more
  • Flex Spending
    Flex Spending & Your Optometrist in Manchester At Prudhomme Vision, our optometrist in Manchester CT provides all-inclusive vision and eye care services that your family needs. With the end of the Read more
  • Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Prudhomme Vision Discusses Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses If you need corrective lenses, it can be hard to decide whether contact lenses or glasses make the most sense for your lifestyle. Our Read more
  • Back To School Vision Care
    Back To School Glasses With Our Optometrist in Manchester Picking back to school glasses for kids can be a challenge. Not only do they have to fit well, but your student's Read more
  • Signs Your Kids Might Have Vision Problems
    Signs that Your Kids May Have Vision Issues With Prudhomme Vision Kids can be prone to all kinds of vision problems. Infectious diseases such as pink eye are common among children Read more
  • What Are High-Index Lenses? Our Optometrist has the answers.
    What Exactly Are High Index Lenses? Decades ago, bifocals might have been considered high index glasses. This was mainly due to their strong visual benefits. People with difficulty focusing on objects Read more
  • Important Facts About Cataracts
    Important Facts About Cataracts From Your Manchester Optometrist A cataract is a cloud of the lens in the eye that normally affects vision. Under the normal circumstances, most cataracts are associated Read more


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